Our services

We offer a vast range of services to the industy including full restorations, electronic board repairs, pinball upgrades and mods and more. These which can be done either in your home or in our workshop.

We have skilled pinball artists who can restore cabinet artwork to its former glory.

Our standard workshop service rate is $95 / hour min $120 and our specialty onsite service in your home is as follows.
Call out fee of $110/hr travel time to and from your location. ( Min $150).
Labour $125/hr for first 2 hrs then $95/hr if job takes more than 2 hrs.( Min 1 hr).
Cost of parts used.
All Machine pickups and deliveries are charged at our Travel rate of $110/hr minimum 3 hrs.
These rates apply to any time spent working on your machine, as well as any time in travelling to and from your location.

Please note: There is an additional charge for any parts that may be needed to repair your machine.

In extreme cases, where a second call out is needed, we charge a second call out fee of $110 then continue at our on site service rate once work on your machine recomences.

Below are some services which we offer, but please feel free to call with any additional enquiries.

Our most popular services

Full restorations

Our full restorations include removal and servicing of all electronic boards and checking and repairing all connectors and plugs.

A full playfield strip and polish including replacement of all damaged and worn parts is performed, including all rubbers. A full check and repairs of all coil, switch and lamp assemblies takes place. Flippers are always rebuilt as new.

We do everything our 27 years experience taught us to make your machine look and play as new.

Due to the 20 hours required for a full restoration, all machines must be picked up and/or delivered to our workshop. The whole process usually takes between two to three weeks.
General onsite servicing

If your machine has a few faults and is in need of some TLC, this is the service you need!

We come to your location and typically spend between two to three hours repairing all faults and ensure that all lights, switches, solenoids, etc work as they should.

A good cleaning and polishing is part of this service.

The cost is typically in the $170 to $400 range.

A general service is performed in your own home or office. You'll be surprised at what we can do to your machine in this short period of time!